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Dental fillings are used to restore damaged or decayed teeth. Dental fillings are used to fill cavities and prevent them from causing further damage to your oral health. At Ipswich Bay Dental, we are proud to offer composite dental fillings near you.

Compositew fillings in Ipswich

What Are Composite Fillings?

Amalgam fillings used to be the go-to when it came to treating cavities. However, in recent years, dentists have begun to realize that these fillings may not be as effective as once believed.

Today, composite dental fillings are more popular. Composite fillings are made of a tooth-colored material that matches the color of natural teeth and blends in with your smile, creating a radiant, natural smile. Composite fillings are an especially good choice for patients who require dental fillings at the front of their mouths.

How Are Composite Dental Fillings Placed?

The procedure for getting composite fillings is simple, quick, and painless. The process will begin with our dentist near you numbing the area around the affected tooth to ensure that you feel no pain. Next, they will remove the decayed portion of your tooth before disinfecting and sealing it with the composite filling material. Finally, they will shape and polish the filling so that it fits the structure of your tooth and sits comfortably in your mouth.

Once you receive your composite dental filling, your tooth will be completely restored to its original appearance and function.

What Are the Benefits of Composite Dental Fillings?

The biggest benefit of composite dental fillings is their discrete nature and ability to create an aesthetically pleasing smile, but they come with other benefits, such as:

  • Restoring your tooth enamel
  • Preventing the spread of decay
  • Providing a durable, long-lasting solution
  • Strengthening your tooth
  • Enhancing your smile

When properly looked after, composite dental fillings can last for several years. They are an excellent way to restore your tooth’s function by reinforcing its structure while maintaining a desirable appearance.

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